St. Peter’s Cemetery

Behind these elegant gates is a cemetery of much greater size than I had realized. You can read about its history here; it was originally by the Lemp Brewery, but moved out here for more land.

The rolling hills are typical of this area, out along the major rail line.

This cool bridge is a unique feature for a local cemetery.

Above, the towering spires of the old St. Vincent’s rise above the trees, while below is Glen Echo Country Club. When I first saw a golf cart fly by, I thought that perhaps the cemetery used them!

I also came across the reinterments of much of Washington Park Cemetery, whose tragic story is still not fully resolved.

I quite like this terraced retaining wall in the center of the cemetery.

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  1. Brandon R. says:

    My 5x great-grandfather is buried here. He was a free man of color who followed his enslaved wife and daughters from VA to MO, bought their freedom, started his own business, and owned a substantial amount of land in the St. Louis Place/Jeff-Vander-Lou area. Quite an accomplishment for the 1850s!!!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      How interesting, Brandon! Thank you for sharing.

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