State Street Historic District, Jacksonville, Part Two

Moving along down east back towards Central Park in Jacksonville on West State Street, we encounter the August Ayers House, constructed in 1857. That date of construction makes it an incredibly early example of Italianate architecture.

Moving along, the Italianate houses are humbler, but I can’t help but notice that the house below has a front porch very similar to the one lost at The Elms in El Paso.

This white house below is similar, as well, and seems to have some extensions out the back.

More Queen Anne masterpieces follow, and I’m happy I got here before the leaves further obscured them!

There is a walking tour available for the street.

This house breaks with the general trends on the street.

This house looks like a house from Colonial times, and I love the blue color.

The restoration of State Street is an example of how a community can use their historic assets to the benefit of their community.

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