Stylish Vandeventer and Tower Grove Avenue Corner Doorways

Vandeventer Avenue is a strange street, cutting diagonally across the city at a weird angle. Just when you think the street is going downtown, it veers off to the north, almost touching Grand Boulevard but never quite making it. It has some interesting buildings along its long length, such as these two.

Update: Yes, the firstdoor is on Tower Grove Avenue.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Those are good doorways! The first is from the Gerhart block, designed by August Beinke in 1896. The Gerhart Realty Co. did a number of corner commercial blocks throughout the city in this period. The second one is actually on Tower Grove! It was rehabbed as one of the few tax credit projects in the western part of the old Tiffany Neighborhood Historic District. Downstairs is an architecture firm; one of the principals lives upstairs with his family.

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