Sullivan Avenue, JeffVanderLou, Revisited

I went back and visited the area around Sullivan Avenue, where I had visited almost two years ago.

This part of JeffVanderLou is different than much of the rest of the neighborhood; it was where judges, doctors and other high profile people lived, as opposed to the more modest working class housing that typifies the area.

This house below is still in great condition, and shows the wealth of beautiful architecture on the North Side.

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  1. Richard W Savin says:

    I just moved to Saint Louis from San Diego, and now live on Sullivan Ave. When I tell people here my new address, they give me an odd look and ask me “Why?”. I guess that in the year that I have been here I seemed to have missed all the violence and danger that my neighborhood is “famous” for. Gosh. I did find people here in my area to be friendly, courteous and living with dignity. Something that San Diego is not noted for. As far as danger goes, I did some research and found out that there were more murders in Kirkwood than there were in Jeffvanderlou during the same time period. Talk about violence. Crime happens where you allow it North of Delmar(also a very expensive city in San Diego) is where I now feel right at home and it saddens and angers me that this beautiful part of the city is neglected, abandoned and being bulldozed away and other than the people who live here, no one seems to care. I’ve been asking people if there are any preservation/restoration groups in my area, but haven’t found anything yet. If there aren’t any, I would like to start one. Are there any like minded people out there? the loss of Vandeventer Place is a lesson to be learned. Once it’s gone it can never be replaced.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Mr. Savin, which block of Sullivan do you live on? The Old North Restoration Group, has done extensive work in the area east of North Florissant. RISE Community Development also does work on the North Side, as well as Better Family Life. There is also Northside Community Development in the Ville neighborhood.

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