Sullivan Avenue, JeffVanderLou


There’s this weird line going down the middle of JeffVanderLou; to the east of Glasgow is wasteland, to the west are stout houses, built decades later that are still in good condition.


But they’re suffering, too. Abandonment has arrived in the blocks just east of Grand.


Yes, these houses could be in Tower Grove South or the Central West End; but they’re not, so they are threatened.


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  1. Brandon R. says:

    The house in the very last photo was owned by my grandparents from the early 60s to about 1980. Good to see it still occupied and in decent condition. The house immediately to the west (in the photo above) was the home of legendary U.S. Circuit Court Judge Clyde Cahill Sr. (whose name is honored on the street in front of the Eagleton Courthouse). His widow lived there up until a couple years ago when she moved after a fire to the senior residential complex in Jeff Vander Lou that bears her husband’s name. Beautiful neighborhood that I hope can be restored to its former glory soon!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks, Brandon. Sorry about the crooked picture of your family’s house!

      1. Willie Ward says:

        Hello Chris!
        How are you? I’ve been researching history of this block for some time now, and it’s also the exact block that I grew up on. Matter of factly, the second house from the top is the house that I grew up in. It’s always awesome to find information about this neighborhood, because info is pretty scarce on the Internet. I have a few pics & some history that I may share as well someday. One day, I would love to see this block restored, because it’s where my heart lies. Thanks a lot for these pictures!

        1. Chris Naffziger says:

          Willie, thanks for writing! I love hearing about people who grew up on these streets.

    2. Willie Ward says:

      Hello, Brandon!
      How are you? My name is Will, and I lived on this street/block (Sullivan) for most of my life. The house your grandparents used to live in was actually purchased by my uncle sometime in the early 80s. And if I’m not mistaken, the house was sold by the Robnett family, I don’t know the Robnett family, but I’m familiar with a few of them. I also knew the Cahill family, and I recall the day that their house burned down, The very first picture (up top near the metal fence) was the house that was formerly occupied by some close friends/neighbors of mine. The second house (on the corner by the wooden fence) was the house that my family grew up in.
      It’s amazing to find a blog of the block that I actually grew up on. I’ve been researching history of our neighborhood for some time now, and it’s great to find someone else who has history of this block as well.
      Thanks for the history!

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