Switzer Building

Update: The building has been demolished and the site cleared for a plaza.

I made it down to the Switzer Licorice Building this weekend to see what was left after demolition work started earlier this week. There’s still a quite a bit left, with the majority of the building near the Eads Bridge gone so the roadway can reopen. There’s increasingly less of Laclede’s Landing left, considering that St. Louis markets the area as some sort of time capsule of the Nineteenth Century.

Ironically, this building came within months of being renovated; while there’s no way of knowing whether the first part of the rehabbing would have allowed the building to survive last July’s infamous storm, one can only wonder if it would still be standing if those storms had come four months later.

Apparently, the Switzer factory was several buildings combined together on the same block, much like the famous Tums factory across downtown. Nevertheless, the building is left in a precarious state of demolition, totally beyond saving now but still standing in a dizzyingly precarious state.

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  1. Those are some nice pictures. I like the idea for the new ‘site.

  2. Jim says:

    Mizzou has a Switzer building on campus. It is where the Human Communications Department is housed.

  3. Chris says:

    I bet they gave money to Mizzou to get the building name. My friend is actually working with them for donations to his art museum.

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