Sump Coffee, South Jefferson

Update: I revisited the house in the third photo in July of 2018. At a newly renovated storefront on Jefferson at Winnebago, Sump Coffee is a perfect example of individuals in St. Louis not waiting for huge “silver bullet” developments but rather just getting out their saw and hammer and acting on a dream. Plus…

Bank Drive-In, East St. Louis

East St. Louis was still thriving in the 50’s and 60’s, and these really cool drive-up bank teller windows are evidence of that. Built along an alley behind the bank, you can imagine cars swinging into these spots, and then heading out into the traffic of a bustling downtown.

A Little of Benton Park West and Benton Park

Update: The house above in Benton Park on South Jefferson Avenue was gutted by fire after this photograph was taken. I love the streets and alleys of Benton Park West, where there’s so much potential.

Recent Photography in Hyde Park #5

This house fascinated me with its interesting interior space in the backyard. Now in a state of collapse, it will probably not be renovated any time soon.

Marine Villa Along Broadway

Update: The building above is now home to Sister Cities, a fantastic Cajun restaurant. Marine Villa is one of those neighborhoods that is forgotten about, often times confused with just being the southern portion of Benton Park, and doesn’t have a lot of businesses that are well known outside of the neighborhood. But it still…

South of St. Louis Avenue, JeffVanderLou

I’m not exactly sure what neighborhood this is right here, but I think it is just inside the JeffVanderLou neighborhood. Regardless, it has been hit hard, very hard, by brick thieves. Some houses look perfectly fine, until you look more closely and you realize the back of the building has been hit. Other houses are…

Downtown Alley

I noticed this a long time ago, but if you look closely, you can see the original alley blocks–made of wood.