Forest of Graves, Calvary Cemetery

I was looking out over Calvary Cemetery recently and marveled at how the view in front of me was almost completely blocked by tombstones.

More Griesediecks, Calvary Cemetery

Members of the Griesedieck family have told me there are dozens of their relatives alive and well in St. Louis, and I just discovered a whole bunch more of them buried at Calvary. This cluster is across the way from the Alvin Griesedieck group. I don’t recognize any of the names; do you?

Biddle Tomb, Revisted

Update: I went back to the mausoleum in late May of 2020. We’re not sure, but it seems like the historic Biddle Mausoleum might have suffered more damage over the winter. For some reason, I had neglected to photograph the the two portrait busts of Thomas Biddle and Anne Mullanphy. The roof in particular seems…

Alvin Griesedieck Grave, Calvary Cemetery

The second president of the Falstaff Brewing Corporation lies in a line of other family members at Calvary. Alvin Sr. converted to Catholicism to marry his wife, Mary O’Donnell.

Landscapes, Calvary Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery is a beautiful, rolling landscape, with a park like setting.  Many people would actually picnic at their relatives’ graves, and the surroundings were designed to reflect that.

Notable Graves, Calvary Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery has several notable individuals, including the famous Dred Scott; I read recently that most people in America don’t know who he is anymore. Very sad. I find it interesting that what was once a Jewish practice–leaving small stones on graves to show someone has visited–has been adopted for other graves as well. Logically,…

Biddle and Kerens Mausolea, Calvary Cemetery

Update: See the Biddle Mausoleum from March of 2015. North of Bellefontaine Cemetery is Calvary Cemtery. Calvary has a couple of interesting mausolea I discovered last week while I searched for Dred Scott’s grave in vain.  The Biddle Mausoleum, which I garnered from its text panel on the front entry, was originally downtown but was…

Calvary Cemetery Gates

I sometimes forget about Calvary Cemetery, drawn to the numerous mausolea of the industrial giants of St. Louis history in Bellefontaine Cemetery.  But Calvary has many interesting and beautiful aspects, starting with its front gates, built I would estimate in the first two decades or so of the Twentieth Century. It is dominated by the…