Euclid Avenue Between Lindell, Maryland and McPherson Avenues

I’ve always found it interesting how there is a quiet section of private streets off Euclid Avenue in the Central West End in between Maryland Avenue (which you can see here and here) in the south, and McPherson Avenue in the north (which you can see here and here). Above is the southeast corner of Pershing Place and Euclid. We’ll head north looking at the east side of Euclid first.

Heading north we see the northeast corner of Pershing and Euclid, and the interesting design the architect made knowing the house would face a private street as well as a major artery through the neighborhood.

The half timber garage of the next house, which faces Lenox Place, comes next.

It fits the Tudor Revival architecture of the main house, which faces Euclid, perfectly.

We arrive at the iconic building that forms the southeast corner of Lenox Place with McPherson Avenue. Once home to Duff’s and Rothschild’s Antiques, it was damaged by fire in early 2022.

Surely due to the high property values in the neighborhood the building will be restored.

Two griffins flank a roundel in white terracotta.

Going back south, we start just south of Maryland Avenue with the building that once housed Coffee Cartel.

Crossing over Maryland, there is the cool Modern building that was built out in front of the large apartment building.

The apartment building, of course, sits in the setback that the rest of Maryland Plaza restricts.

Next up is this interestingly eclectic building, with a strange combination of Baroque elements with Gothic colonnades.

The tripartite archway features standard pointed arches with foliated columns that evolved out of the classical Corinthian order.

Next up are the southwest and northwest corners of Pershing Place and its intersection with Euclid

And then there is Hortense Place, which I looked at briefly way back in April of 2008. I will look more closely at it in the future.

The gateway is relatively restrained compared to other private streets.

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