Two South County Cemeteries, Revisited

I went back by Father Dickson Cemetery, a historic African American cemetery off of Sappington Road, which I visited back in 2015 for a story for St. Louis Magazine. It still looks great, and is a model for maintaining a historic burial place. I also went back St. Paul Cemetery, off of Rock Hill Road,…

Mount Crestwood, Gone

As of late October, I can report that Mount Crestwood has been completely removed, and has now been seeded with grass. I will report on the grass’s growth in the spring.

Louis Obert Monument, New St. Marcus Cemetery

I can’t imagine that Louis Obert was not thinking of his fellow beer baron Anton Griesedieck’s monument in Bellefontaine Cemetery when commissioning his own grave in New St. Marcus Cemetery, where the stepson of Adam Lemp and his family is buried. The Moll Monument, also in Bellefontaine, could easily have been inspiration. His brewery was…

New Mount Sinai Cemetery

Wow, I just discovered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the St. Louis area, and also one of the oldest: New Mount Sinai Cemetery, located just beyond the city limits out Gravois, where there are of course many other burial grounds. The heart of the cemetery is a cluster of mausolea of various architectural…

Sturdy Cemetery, Crestwood

OK, so these aren’t exactly award-winning photos, but I wanted to share an old cemetery off of Old Watson Road, just south of the old Route 66, southwest of the now-demolished Crestwood Mall.

Former Robert Koch Hospital Site

Back behind those bushes and trees, and up over a hill, are the graves of hundreds, perhaps thousands of former residents of the Robert Koch Hospital. It is now private property, and no trespassing is allowed, but I hope one day those people can be properly remembered.

Crestwood Executive Office Building

There are still remnants of the economic powerhouse that was once Crestwood Mall, such as the office building and strip mall across Watson Road, former Route 66, from the now vacant lot.

Sunset Memorial Park, Revisited

I visited Sunset Memorial Park, out Gravois Road in the sunshine of early July 2018. I am still impressed by the massive columbarium, which sits towards the back of the cemetery. There is also a very pretty office and residence up towards the entrance with dark red brick and green glazed roof tile.

Sappington Cemetery, Crestwood

Sappington Cemetery, located on Watson Road, is rich in history, and well worth checking out. It contains the graves of numerous figures from the settling of southwest St. Louis County. Also, senior citizens interested in attending a two-week lecture series about my investigations of underground caves and cellars in St. Louis can still register on-line…