3621 McRee Avenue

I’d spied this beautiful house years ago, and I finally got the chance to see it up close. It is a fascinating mix of two different colored rusticated cut stone front facade, with gray and red colors complementing each other. A certain Louis Richter, who served in World War I, lived in this house.

The Aida

I’ve seen this beautiful apartment building sitting just to the west of the onramp for westbound I-44. It is still in good shape on the outside, and I wonder what the interior looks like.

Interstate Destruction

There used to be beautiful houses on the south side of Lafayette Avenue. Now it is all gone, replaced by speeding cars.

39th Street and Environs

From what I understand, many streets originally had numbers for names, indicating their distance from Main Street. But most were renamed. The houses along here are interesting, and there are a fair number of commercial properties converted to apartment. I think that is the future for many storefronts; there is just no demand for so…

3600 Block of Blaine Avenue, Part 2

Moving east up the hill towards Grand Boulevard, the beautiful houses continue to spread out before the visitor. These houses are well-maintained, and are in good shape.

3600 Block of Blaine Avenue, Part 1

The blocks northwest of the intersection of Grand and Lafayette are known as the Tiffany neighborhood. It is isolated, quiet–and surprisingly resilient. I could not find an abandoned house anywhere in this area.  Here is the western end of the 3600 block of Blaine Avenue.

Young Victims of Violence Memorial

Update: I went by the block where Christopher Harris was murdered in 2018. It has changed dramatically from the time when he died. I remember when the boy mentioned in this inscription was killed. However, the sculpture is supposed to represent “Every Child,” and not a single victim. There are other bronze statues located around…