Lafayette Avenue Between Michigan and Louisiana Avenues, South Side

I looked at the north side of Lafayette Avenue way back in June of 2018, remarking on how this thoroughfare was surely far more important before the devastation of the interstates. There’s been substantial reinvestment and rebuilding just in the last thirteen years I’ve lived to the south in Tower Grove East, and the light was right, so I photographed some of the wonderful houses that often back up to the right-of-way for I-44.

There are some amazing Second Empire rowhouses, like you would see on Russell Boulevard in Fox Park, or in Lafayette Square, but these fly under the radar.

Then you can see the transition to new styles such as the Romanesque Revival.

Crossing over South Compton Avenue, the houses grow in size and expand in their architectural influences, from the Tudor Revival to the Beaux-Arts.

This portion of Compton Hill was where many brewery executives lived, as well.

The architecture in many way reminds me of the West End.

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