The Wedge, Tower Grove South

There are all sorts of places in St. Louis called “The Wedge,” but there is one in Tower Grove South bordered by Gravois to the northwest, Grand to the east, and Chippewa to the south. It is notable in how cut off it is from the rest of the neighborhood. Architecturally, it is all over…

Utah Place, Tower Grove South

Utah Street widens into a boulevard for two blocks west of Grand, before returning to its normal width. Along that two block stretch are beautifully restored houses in a range of eclectic styles. It is now part of an historic district called Tower Grove Heights, which you can read about here.

Railroad Trestle, Kingshighway

It’s a little hard to read, but I think it might say “Scenic Railroad,” meaning that the trains on this trestle went out to Castlewood.

Effort to Save Mann School from Demolition Continues

Update: Mann Elementary School was never demolished, and is still in operation with a healthy enrollment with strong community engagement from both staff and parents. It seems weird now to think that it was once under threat of demolition. From Paul Hohmann, “As most of you are aware, the Special Administrative Board of the Saint…