Union Station, In Transition

Update: The train shed out back has undergone a dramatic renovation, having been converted into a convention center and a new aquarium. The hotel, including the Grand Hall, has been dramatically re-envisioned. I went by Union Station to check out the renovations to the train shed; the hotel is taking over a portion of the…

Union Station Train Shed

Update: The train shed was converted into a convention center and aquarium. Such an amazing space, and in my opinion much more useful as a wide open space, clear of impediments. We will see what the future holds for the train shed.

Union Station, Interior

Update: The hotel has been renovated, and the train shed has been converted into a convention center and aquarium. Wow, it’s been a while but Union Station’s mall is just about empty. What were once Dierdorf and Harts and a bookstore now sit empty. Abandonment is sort of like a snowball; if it starts rolling…

Union Station

I’ve always been impressed with the exterior of Union Station, a grand edifice that sits on what was once Chouteau’s Pond, as well as Mill Creek. Once the busiest train station in the world, it is much more quiet nowadays. I let the limestone, Romanesque Revival with French Renaissance Revival elements building speak for itself.

Grand Hall, Union Station

Update: The Grand Hall has been renovated with a light show. I saw ‘Escape from New York’ in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013, of all places, and was amazed to see the Grand Hall feature so prominently. It is worth watching the movie if you haven’t yet. See pictures of the Grand Hall in 2014 right…

Market Street Details

Update: The Kiel Opera House, now the Peabody, has been renovated and looks much cleaner nowadays.