Jennings into Walnut Park

I spotted this interesting church off of Jennings Station Road just off of Interstate 70, so I thought I would take a look at the surrounding streets. At some point I crossed from Jennings into the Walnut Park West neighborhood, but it was hard to tell because the streets were equally beaten up and huge,…

Union Boulevard, Walnut Park

Upate: I went back in June of 2021 to see how the street was doing. I realized almost all of the houses on Union Boulevard between Interstate 70 and West Florissant Avenue in Walnut Park are wood frame houses. For some reason, this stretch of street was built up early. Unfortunately, now they are falling…

Barry Wehmiller, Gone

Well, then, I guess they were not leaving any of the office building behind when they demolished the old Barry Wehmiller factory in Walnut Park.

Walnut Park Revisited, Again

Walnut Park is one of those neighborhoods of the city where I am hesitant to post pictures where there is the chance of giving the wrong impression. The area struggles with crime, and has a tragically high murder rate. There is a lot of abandonment. This church, built in 1930 for example, is ambiguous. I…

Club Imperial

Update: I revisited the building in June of 2022. Here it is: Club Imperial. If you are interested in buying it, the building is now available from the LRA.

Barry-Wehmiller, Demolition

Update: By fall of 2018, the site was a vacant lot. The old factory in Walnut Park, a victim of changing economic and technological times, is being demolished. It was never the most impressive abandoned building, but the weird mix of junk inside was famous.

Walnut Park, Revisited

I have a friend whose parents both grew up in Walnut Park. They moved out to the County decades ago. Walnut Park is the neighborhood that permanently took the “rural” out of Bellefontaine Cemetery, and its housing stock looks like it’s from the 1920s.It has a strange mix of housing styles. But sadly, I only…

Across the Street from Bellefontaine Cemetery

This house in the Walnut Park neighborhood sits across the street from the current main entrance of Bellefontaine Cemetery. I suspect that it originally housed workers for the cemetery, as its style of architecture is very early for the neighborhood, which was largely built out in the early twentieth century.

Abandoned Factory, Walnut Park #2

Update: Demolished in 2017. What was once probably a machine room for the Barry-Wehmiller Machinery Co. sits open to the elements, hosting everything from the remnants of the resale business to the remainder of a game of bowling.