Abandoned Factory, Walnut Park #1

Update: Demolished in 2017. Situated on a quiet backstreet near West Florissant Avenue, the Barry-Wehmiller Machinery Co. sits in a state of increasing ruin. Later taken over in the 1990’s by a wholesale industrial product resale concern, it now sits abandoned, and filled with “stuff.” See an article here about the interior of the factory….

North Pointe, Walnut Park

I snapped some quick shots out the window while driving through the North Pointe neighborhood last weekend. It is an architecturally diverse part of town, just south of Baden in the far reaches of the city of St. Louis.

Flour Mill, Walnut Park

This huge complex still mills flour, as workers we spoke to confirmed. Massive, hulking and dominating this stretch of I-70, the grain silos have long been a landmark in North City. Now owned by ADM, the silos are no longer kept immaculately white, as the previous owners insisted upon. Workers stated that ADM “didn’t want…