Tennessee Avenue Between Magnolia and Shenandoah Avenues, East Side

Heading north up Tennessee Avenue, there are more houses that come in pairs or in triplets. And again, most are actually two-families disguised to look like single-family houses.

The architecture reflects the more linear and stern forms of early Twentieth Century building trends in the areas around Tower Grove Park.

But there are also houses, such as the one below, that were built by more wealthy residents of the neighborhood that were designed by professional architects for individual clients.

The distinctive turret on the house is reflective of Baroque architecture seen in central and eastern Europe. I strongly this house was commissioned by a German businessman.

It is a huge house, and again, looking carefully, we see there are two front doors, so there are most likely originally two apartments in the building. Records show this was the William Buehler House, and later a young man named Frank Brockel lived here before serving in World War I.

Moving north of Sidney Street, the houses become more elaborate and are single-family residences.

The block is finished with the parking lot of Shenandoah Elementary School, which I’ve looked at before back in April of 2013.

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