Virginia Avenue Between Sidney Street and Halliday Avenue, East Side

I’m not going to apologize for or lay off my criticism of the crap that’s happening to innocent houses such as the one you see above and below. They’re the same house, before and after a certain firm gets ahold of houses that are in perfectly fine shape, and then proceed to destroy them, putting cheap, poorly constructed boxes inside of the original brick walls. They will not hold up long term, and someone else will be stuck holding the bag.

On a brighter note, there is one corner store that has continued to serve the community at the southeast corner of Virginia Avenue and Sidney Street.

As can be seen below, if someone wants a three story house in Tower Grove East, there are more than enough to go around without butchering and building cheap disposable “flips.”

South of Magnolia, the houses face the east-west streets, so the sides of buildings are all that are seen.

Utilitarian structures such as garages face the street.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Good. Dont lay off. Flipping these beautiful homes and making it look like you did a renovation when you really just cut corners to flip a house is despicable.

    My family are getting ready to move to St Louis, and the committed community is part of what we love. Thats what needs to be cultivated, not quick fixes and easy, but long term destructive, money

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