Texas Avenue, Lynch to Pestalozzi, Northern Benton Park West, September 2019

Crossing Lynch Street heading south, the east side of Texas Avenue has some peculiar Modernist in-fill; one is still occupied, while the other is abandoned.

Then there’s this giant Second Empire house, which is a common form of housing in Benton Park West, and one of my favorite style of houses in St. Louis.

There is a wide variety of different sizes of houses, and you might notice that the houses below on the right look like they are sitting at an angle. I believe that is because of the old common farm fields that are diagonal to the checkerbord patter of the Charles DeWard survey.

While the houses below are different styles, they all work together in a rhythm that makes this area of the city have a unique appearance and beauty.

Turning around and going back north at Pestalozzi, we look at the west side of Texas Avenue, where there is more abandonment, and if you look below, a weird blue line on the left.

But many later houses, such as the ones below, are in good condition.

This Second Empire duplex is occupied, but shrouded in trees; it is an early addition to the neighborhood due to its siting far back on its lot.

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