The Basilica and Postern Gate of Saint Ambrose, Milan

Update: See a church in St. Louis based off architecture such as St. Ambrose’s. Here is the church of St. Ambrose in St. Louis.

Located on the southwestern edge of the historic core of Milan, the Basilica of Saint Ambrose has foundations that go back to one of the Four Doctors of the Roman Catholic Church, St. Ambrose himself.

That church is long gone, but the Romanesque church that now stands in its place is one of the great examples of its style, and we can even see how these churches influence the Romanesque Revival churches in St. Louis in the southwest side of the city. I love the Romanesque style, so hulking and confident in its attempt to replicate the Roman past.

Nearby is the postern gate of St. Ambrose, which is a “secondary gate” in the walls of medieval Milan.

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