The Beauty of Dutchtown, 89: Meramec Street Between Louisiana and South Compton Avenues, North Side

Passing by Louisiana Avenue, we see the evidence of many streets that started out residential or rural, and then began to acquire a commercial character after the arrival of streetcars. For example, as you can see above and below, there is a corner storefront but then right next door is a house with the typical setback.

But then perhaps more obviously, we see a house that had a whole new storefront built out in front of it, taking advantage of “unused” front lawn space. While the current facade is clearly mid century, I wonder if it is actually older.

Then there is this storefront, whose white and baby blue ornament I have seen throughout the city, including I think in Old North and Skinker-DeBaliviere.

The next building, is what is now a rare three story Italianate building that had its first floor heavily modified as a storefront. The Near North Side and Kosciusko neighborhoods once had a multitude of this building type, but they were erased in urban renewal. Luckily this one is tagged for redevelopment soon.

Then we reach the corner of Virginia Avenue, which to the south was the former Stringtown Road. I’ve looked at it in September of 2020, and to the north in the same month.

Crossing over is this squat one story building.

Then there are these two storefronts with apartments above. The remainder of the block is wasted on a parking lot and low-rise building before we arrive at Compton Avenue, which I looked at in March of 2020.

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