The Beauty of Dutchtown, 90: Meramec Street Between South Compton and Michigan Avenues, North Side, Revisited

Passing South Compton, we look at a block I’ve examined twice before, one time just back in October of 2021, and then the other time way back in October of 2008 (first two photos).

Way back in 2009 I visited the St. Anthony of Padua fish fry in the former commercial building above. I do not think the church, which is across the street, still holds a fish fry in Lent anymore.

Perhaps, looking back over a fourteen years span of photographs for this block is how little it has changed. We then reach Michigan Avenue, which I’ve looked at in December of 2019.

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  1. Michelle Schaeffer says:

    Chris! I greatly appreciate your insight and knowledge that is woven into the writing you share. I by chance landed on your site going down a local architectural google deep dive not long ago. I was so incredibly impressed with your tender perspective about our city. Architecture and it’s execution can tell a story and be so much more than meets the eye. You find great ways to explain beauty and function. I posted here because you said you don’t check your messages via Facebook. I looked for an email on your profile but I couldn’t find one, then I went to the link for this website’s Facebook and couldn’t find any contact information. Most likely purposely elusive? I dig! But seriously, I really admire your work and thank you for having this website.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Thank you, Michelle! And thank you also for pointing out that my contact information has mysteriously disappeared from the site. It used to be here. I will get that fixed soon.

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