The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 11: Nebraska Avenue Between Keokuk and Chippewa Streets

Unfortunately, crossing over Keokuk, an abandoned and trash early Twentieth Century service station, and its sprawling, invasive and vacant parking lot waste a full third of the block heading up to Chippewa Street.

But after the end of the parking lot (which jumps an alley, no less), there are wonderful examples of Dutchtown architecture, though sadly the one above is abandoned.

The houses alternate between one and two stories, but each size of house has equal amounts of style and ornament.

The house below was at least at some point a two family apartment building.

Right before Chippewa are these fantastic houses, each with customized brickwork, chosen from a whole catalog of different designs available to bricklayers at the time.

And then, we reach Chippewa after the houses below, and you can see Nebraska Avenue in Gravois Park in this post.

This series picks up again with part 12 here.

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