The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 8: Nebraska Avenue Between Meramec and Gasconade Streets

Update: See the front of this house above facing Meramec in this post from 2021.

Starting at Meramec Avenue and heading north on Nebraska Avenue, there is a whole wealth of beautiful single family houses. I suspect their close proximity to the former Maryville College south of Meramec means they might have some sort of connection.

The house below is a perfect example of turn of the Twentieth Century upper class residential architecture: combining Romanesque Revival with elements of the Beaux-Arts. I actually think the front porch has been altered slightly.

Then, further north we encounter more traditional Dutchtown houses, with Italianate designs with slight Mansard roofs we see in the Second Empire.

The house above got the “formstone” treatment, as we see so often in Baltimore, and the house below lost its cornice!

The house below almost certainly lost what was probably a hip roof.

Then we see a house that is built back from the street, with a fanciful mix of different eclectic details, from the Second Empire to the Romanesque.

This house below continues the theme of unique houses built not as part of a tract, but for an owner-commissioned single house. It most likely originally had cedar or slate shingles.

Then, getting closer to Gasconade Street, the houses become more typical houses built for the middle class, in the Arts and Crafts style, as well as more typical Romanesque and Revival styles.

This block is not doing well with abandonment, as can be seen below.

The corner store at Gasconade is sitting abandoned as well.

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