The Beauty of Dutchtown, 68: South Broadway Between Osceola and Meramec Streets

City Work House, 4200 South Broadway, Photograph by Joseph Hampel, 1946, Missouri History Museum, N23694

The Beauty of Dutchtown Series left off with No. 67.

South Broadway through Dutchtown is an interesting street. It is sort of a mess. There are houses facing it, but for the most part, the neighborhood turns away from it south of the intersection of South Broadway and South Jefferson, which I looked at back in October of 2021. The old workhouse, which I wrote about in the past, dominated the east side of the street, as well from I understand was a drive-in movie theater before the current strip mall was built.

But there are some interesting houses, such as the one above and below.

And hiding in behind the trees is this very old Greek Revival house.

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  1. Per Cinema Treasures website, the Broadway Drive-in theater was located at 4300 S. Broadway.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Yes! Unfortunately, I could not find a photograph to illustrate the movie theater.

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