The Commercial Fringe of Tower Grove East

Update: The former gas station on the left at the corner is now a Starbucks.

While most of Tower Grove East is row after row of stately homes, along Grand Boulevard the houses turn to storefronts, often with apartments up above.

Unfortunately, due to the insane traffic on Grand, many of these beautifully rehabbed buildings’ storefronts sit empty.

Update: The building below was Strassberger’s Conservatory, whose original location was on St. Louis Avenue. The original location was demolished by Paul McKee, and replaced with a house that was moved from the site of the new NGA.

But there are also beautiful buildings such as the one below, which was once a conservatory for classical music, I believe.

German composers’ portrait busts can be seen in the arches above the top floor windows.

Update: The Pelican Building has been renovated by the owner of Domino’s Pizza franchises in St. Louis, and is now beautifully restored to its former appearance. Apartments are upstairs from a Domino’s Pizza restaurant.

But sadly, an older building such as the so-called Pelican Building sits empty, caught up in legal wrangling.

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  1. What you describe as vacant storefronts actually are storefronts adapted into apartments.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Oh good to hear.

  2. What sort of legal wrangling?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Don’t know the exact issues involved, just that it has been going on for years…

  3. Linda says:

    That’s where the old Pelican Restaurant was located. In my childhood we would only go there for VERY special occasions, like after my grandfather’s funeral in June 1959.

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