The Edge of Tower Grove East, Nebraska Avenue Between Magnolia Avenue and Sidney Street

Crossing Magnolia Avenue, former Rappahannock Street, we see the side of one of my favorite houses in St. Louis. It’s interesting as there is really sort of just a stock housing mass in this city, and then builders would simply add different fronts. It’s illustrated perfectly here. I’ve photographed the Magnolia elevation here (fourth photo).

Then come houses that are more at home in my opinion in a neighborhood such as Benton Park West.

Many are that transition from the Second Empire into the Romanesque Revival.

They were built in tracts, and while they are not all similar they were clearly constructed at the same time, with alternating brick and tan decorative patterns.

But there were still earlier houses built a decade or two before, as this Italianate one attests.

We then make it to the intersection with Sidney, where a new coffee shop has opened up, named the Black Forest. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood.

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