The Long Blocks Behind the Former DePaul Hospital

I’d spotted the long, very long blocks west of North Kingshighway near the old DePaul Hospital [whose post has mysteriously disappeared–can you find it for me? (Update: I went ahead and revisited it here)] and Most Blessed Sacrament, so Saturday morning I made it up there to take a look. Above, this house is on Maffitt, while the houses below are on Norwood, perpendicular to the “long blocks.”

The rest of the photos are from the very long block of Highland Avenue, which like the rest of the streets in this area, which is technically Kingsway West, are one-way. The vast majority of the houses are in good condition, but there is some abandonment creeping in.

There is a wide variety of architectural styles, typical of the 1920s and 30s in St. Louis.

Because the blocks are so long, there are two stop signs that try to break up speeders’ march down the streets, as well as speed bumps, as you can see below.

I would be interested in knowing why these blocks were developed with such long stretches: was it because of the increase in the use of the automobile? There was still a streetcar line on Kingshighway, of course.

Take a look at Wabada Avenue, which is to the south of these streets.

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