The Neighborhood Around St. John the Baptist, Revisited

Just as I had done back in 2013, after I had looked at St. John the Baptist, I also photographed the streets near the church. I realized there had in fact been some changes. For example, above, looking down Adkins Street (last photograph in the old post), the lot on the left shows where the Land Reutilization Authority demolished a wood frame house in 2018, but if you look two addresses down, you realize that a formerly abandoned house has now been rehabbed and painted a bright yellow color. So things have improved, it looks like.

The building above hasn’t changed much, nor have the houses on nearby Walsh Street, which I looked at back in May of 2014 (last photograph).

Over on Gravois at Delor and Morganford, there is a vacancy in one of the iconic buildings by the Bevo Mill restaurant, which is only open occasionally after its redevelopment.

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