The New Mississippi River Bridge and Its Place in St. Louis History

The new bridge over the Mississippi, opening as the Stan Musial Veterans’s Bridge six months shy of the 140th anniversary of the Eads Bridge, is probably the most spectacular bridge since its first counterpart in 1874. St. Louis will again have a Veterans’ Bridge after the original one was renamed the Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge, just south of the new bridge. While it does not have the hulking confidence of the MacArthur Bridge or the historicity of the Eads, the new bridge is truly a marvel, seemingly based on geometric equations that combine for fascinating, almost abstract photographs.

New Mississippi River Bridge 028

New Mississippi River Bridge 044

New Mississippi River Bridge 050

New Mississippi River Bridge 067

Many visitors soon realized that the towers create echo chambers when standing directly underneath them, providing a surprise for people walking through them. It is a pity that pedestrians will not be able to experience this again unless their car breaks down on the bridge.

New Mississippi River Bridge 099

Oh, and some important people showed up.

New Mississippi River Bridge 126

While the bridge is best viewed as a whole, it is still interesting to examine the giant cables that hold up the bridge deck.

New Mississippi River Bridge 040

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