The Tree House, Still Vacant

North City and Elsewhere 165

The Land Reutilization Authority is continuing to let this building rot. Is there no demand? Perhaps, but the people I know who’ve tried to buy from the LRA tell me it’s a nightmare.

North City and Elsewhere 166

What odd fenestration on the side of the house.

North City and Elsewhere 167

I remember when this tree in the pediment was alive; it’s dead now. I don’t know many trees that are dormant in the summer. A symbol for this building’s vanishing potential?

North City and Elsewhere 169

You can see light through the windows now–not a good thing.

North City and Elsewhere 170

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  1. Pat says:

    it would be ashame to le these building part of saint Louis dies when we do

  2. Linda Cheragotti says:

    The Remuddling of St. Louis…great book title. Goodness knows we have done enough damage to have many volumes…thanks Chris. Wish we had no need to look back at what we’ve destroyed, that it was still here to be enjoyed.

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