The Wedge, Tower Grove South

There are all sorts of places in St. Louis called “The Wedge,” but there is one in Tower Grove South bordered by Gravois to the northwest, Grand to the east, and Chippewa to the south. It is notable in how cut off it is from the rest of the neighborhood.

Architecturally, it is all over the place, creating a distinct and unique area; there are your “standard” Dutchtown-style rows of one-story blue collar palaces as I call them, above, but then below, there are old houses, which date back to when the area was rural. I suspect the wood frame houses below date back to right after the Civil War.

And then, like in the first picture and below, after World War II, the last few lots are filled in with four-families to answer the housing crunch near major streetcar lines.

Gustine Avenue passes through this area for one block.

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