Gustine Avenue Between Chippewa Street and Gravois Avenue, West Side

I’ve heard it referred to as the Wedge, but anyway, the triangular area of the official city neighborhood of Tower Grove South bounded by Grand on the east, Gravois on the north, and Chippewa on the south has a character all its own. I’ve looked at it briefly in the past back in December of 2019.

Anyway, I was heading north on Gustine Avenue in its one block stretch in the Wedge, which has a boulevard down the middle of it, and I noticed a row of four families that looked to have been built about the same time, but each had its own bit of individuality.

But some have one central entrance, and others have four doors right off the front porch, as seen above and below.

Then, all of the sudden right in the middle, there is one two-family for some reason. I do not know if there would be enough room for a four-family.

The next one is a mix of styles of the earlier apartments.

Then, and I love this, there was a bit of extra space at the end, so the builders stretched the last four-family to the north, not wanting to waste and leasable space. Nowadays I doubt any developer would do that.

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