Tower Grove Manor, Tower Grove East

Large apartment buildings had just begun to creep onto Grand Boulevard in the 1920’s, as evidenced by the former Marmaduke Apartments at Magnolia Avenue. One can only wonder if the population of the city had continued to grow whether more of these apartment buildings and their greater density would have joined the Marmaduke.

Now senior housing, the building features some beautiful terracotta detailing, and some low-relief ogees on the either side of the central windows.

Little details like the flame above, or the cartouche below, give this building a great sense of style.

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  1. W. White says:

    Again, more cheap, tacky vinyl windows. They probably got a tax break from our ignorant, wasteful government (local, state, or federal) to install them. At the current life span of vinyl windows, about 15-20 years, the Marmaduke’s original windows lasted four times the projected life span of their replacements, and the original windows could have been painted, re-glazed, and repaired to last another eighty years.

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