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  1. Thanks, Chris. This is really cool. What is this building used for now?

  2. samizdat says:

    It’s an apartment building, which, along with the buildings to the south, including the one @ Halliday (and its attendant parking controversy), was restored to further use back in what, ’06, or so.

    Hmm, never noticed that before: someone had chiseled off some of the sandstone over the ‘Police’ signage, as if in preparation to install an awning. (On the left side of the arch; what’s really strange is that the damage from the chiseling seems confined to just that area) This building, she still keeps secrets.

  3. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    Many years ago, starting in the early ’60s, my late Father’s union, Branch 343 of the National Association of Letter Carriers, owned this building. I was there several times with Dad – it was pretty neat inside, but I don’t recall many of the details. I don’t know when it was sold. Now the union has a non-descript building down on South Broadway.
    A site which has a lot of pix of it from its construction until 2008 is http://www.slpva.com/historic/2800southgrand7thdistrict.html

    1. samizdat says:

      Nice pix, Mr. Maher. Apparently there was an awning–but on the west side entrance. None is apparent on the North. The text also says the horse head was painted with “brown paint”, although it’s difficult to tell if that’s the case. That crack in the horse’s neck is looking rather serious, tho’.

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