Triage, Chesterfield Mall

Update: By late 2021, the work was complete and the Dillard’s and Sears wings were blocked off.

They’re closing off the Dillard’s and Sears wings of Chesterfield Mall, no doubt as a way of saving money on maintenance, utilities and staffing, much as the owners of Jamestown Mall did years ago.

These pictures are of the Dillard’s wing, which is pretty much completely empty now.

The California Pizza Kitchen is closed, and recently the chain filed for bankruptcy.

It looks like the first floor might stay open, but the escalators are being blocked off.

This marquee is a great artifact of what stores used to be in the mall.

The old Sears wing is being blocked off as well.

So much for the play area, which I looked at back in March of this year.

I have many fond memories of the mall; do you?

Back in high school we would go into the pet shop and complain about the conditions the animals were kept in. The employees were so demoralized they wouldn’t even kick us out.

The central court in between the Macy’s and the movies theaters remains open.

Now we’ll never know what the story of the thirsty was.

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