Two Apartment Buildings, Cabanne and Hamilton Avenues

Meanwhile, there are two well-maintained apartment buildings on Cabanne and Hamilton avenues. The first one is just to the west and adjacent to the second one yesterday.

Designed in a sort of Spanish Revival style, it is in great condition and occupied.

There appears to have once been a garage underneath, like many of these buildings, but it has been blocked off by the ornate 1960s-era fence that rings the property.

Then, north on Hamilton Avenue, there is this nice apartment building, known as the Silverwood. It is really three buildings that are made of pairs of six-family flats perpendicular to the street.

We can see in the first decades of the Twentieth Century how the ornament was becoming simpler and simpler, with less concern with ornate details.

The most ornament appears in the parapet wall made of terracotta…

and in the cornice below it.

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