Union Station, Newly Opened

It’s hard to imagine Union Station as a new building, or to think of Market Street out front as a much narrower thoroughfare than it is today, but both were once true.

Union Station, 1898, Library of Congress, 2018650123

The train shed was also full carriages, though of course the locomotives stayed outside, due to obvious reasons of not wanting to fill the building with smoke. I heard it was still filthy, nonetheless, according to my grandfather.

Sievers Studios, View of Union Station Train Shed, 1933, Missouri History Museum, P0403-05213-04-8N

The buildings below are now all gone to the south of the trainshed.

Union Station, 1897, Library of Congress, 2018650121

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  1. sonrie says:

    If only this were still our main passenger transportation hub…

  2. Dan Lewis says:

    One of the busiest Railway stations in the world during WWII. I remember walking in there with My Uncle back in the late 60’s or early 70’s I think, the place was mostly abandoned, the hotel was shuttered and debris was on the floors. he walked me upstairs to the Grand Hall which was in darkness but enough light filtered in that my eyes could see the grandeur of the place. I was so impressed and my mind boggled that such a place sat empty and unused.
    My Uncle regaled me of stories of the past and what once was a hub of activity.
    I will always remember that day…It was surreal.

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