University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls


The University of Northern Iowa offers a fascinating ensemble of Early Twentieth Century academic buildings arranged around a quadrangle with a relatively unified architectural style and program that lasted until the 1960s when Modernist additions began to appear.


Seerley Hall, above and below, is the administration building, the most highly adorned, and presents the original focal point of the campus quad and also its public entrance out 26th Street into Cedar Falls.


This building below is Wright Hall, I believe.


Sort of your classic, laterally oriented building with Renaissance Revival leanings is the original Women’s Gymnasium.


Strangely, it looks like the two wings have lost some of their ornamentation, and has lost its cornice on both ends.


The residence halls, in a very nice Palladian Colonial Revival style, also draw from Renaissance architecture in the central portal.


The campanile anchors a larger, but largely secondary quadrangle, located off the side of the main group of buildings.


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