World War II Veterans’ Memorial

Update: The proposed additions were superseded by the successful renovation of the Soldiers Memorial by the Missouri History Museum, which reopened to the public on Veterans’ Day 2018. Read my articleabout the completed renovations here. The renovations included the completion of the architect’s original vision for the space seen in these photographs, which now preserve the sad condition of the space before the reopening in 2018.

Urban Review STL recently covered the proposed additions to the Soldiers’ Memorial in downtown St. Louis, and expressed deep concern that the additions, while justified, are not in keeping with the overall aesthetic setting of the memorial.

It should be noted, that two additions were already completed for the memorial that fit in very well, respecting the original design and not detracting from it. Let’s hope the redesign will reflect their previous, considerate additions.

I particularly like the style of of the low-relief sculpture; it’s monumental, but has a unique personality befitting the years when it was originally created.

Ironically, the day I was there was the Iraq Veterans’ Parade, and very few people were really looking at the memorial. Could it be that it people don’t realize what it is?

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