Vulcan Street, August 2020

Update: I went back in May of 2022.

The area around Vulcan Street, in the far southern portion of Carondelet known as the Patch, is not doing well. The house above, an old wood frame vernacular house with a hip roof, with damaged by fire recently; two more wood frame houses nearby, shown here, were destroyed earlier this week. On Vulcan Street itself, which I’ve looked at in 2012, 2017, and 2018, the houses seem to be holding up, but I doubt there will be any development on the narrow lane.

There is less undergrowth this year, which is good, as roots and vines can break apart mortar and cause damage to masonry.

The largest house on the block, which is brick, however is shrouded in heavy vines on the northern exposure.

And unfortunately, the house at the corner with Schirmer Street, is now boarded up with fresh plywood. It was occupied until recently. It’s sad to see it’s gone vacant.

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  1. Justin King says:

    The last house has been burned out since you took the picture. There was another one a block away on Water St. next to Mio Nonni’s Casa that completely burned down that I took pictures of.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I’ve heard there is an arsonist at work down that way causing a lot of devastation.

      1. Justin King says:

        That’s what I was suspecting.

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