Compton Heights Christian Church

Now the Summers Faith Temple Church, this was formerly the Compton Heights Christian Church, relocated to the south side of the entrance of Flora Place in the Shaw neighborhood. As is typical of many of the Protestant denomination churches that were built in the final years of the Nineteenth Century, it features a large dominating corner tower and two large Romanesque Revival windows that create an expansive worship space.

Back behind the sanctuary, there are meeting and other Sunday School rooms. They did not typically buy windows by the Emil Frei & Associates, but went with simple stained glass.

The tower almost certainly went up in a pyramidal shape, and has been simplified at some point.

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  1. Patrick Genna says:

    Thank u for this. I enjoy your piece. Keep up the good work. I am formerly of St. Louis and churches as well as other archetectural structures interest me. I am in Portland, OR. – Patrick Genna

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