Welcome (Back Again) to St. Louis Patina

After years of indecision, I have finally made the leap to a full-fledged site, leaving behind my old blog. As the weeks unfold, I will upgrade and improve this site to bring you the architectural legacy of St. Louis: what we’ve done right, what we’re doing right and wrong now, and how we can make the built environment in our city improve the quality of life in the centuries to come. Rome (and St. Louis) weren’t built in a day, but our city has given us ample clues on how to continue our rich heritage of erecting some of the best buildings in the world.

Also, I will be presenting about the exciting future of St. Louis Patina at 7:00 PM at the Contemporary Art Museum on July 12th, in conjunction with PechaKucha St. Louis. I hope to see you there!

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  1. Sam says:

    As a former St. Louisian now living in Los Angeles, your blog has given me countless chances to reminicense and think about the city I left behind. It’s great to read from someone about a subject they are passionate about because you’ve made me care too. Keep up the great work.

    I write for Crave Online and do a History/Comedy podcast. You’ve inspired me to follow other historic/architectural blogs as well.

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