Wells-Goodfellow #2

Update: I returned in February of 2017 for an extensive photographic tour of the neighborhood, which begins here, with this post. For all Wells-Goodfellow posts, click the hyper link below.

I visited the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood several years ago, focusing on St. Louis Avenue. I returned and while I tried to retrace my steps, I saw many new things.

I know that for many people, the neighborhood represents everything that is wrong with St. Louis, and dismissively refer to it as the “ghetto,” but I want to be more idealistic.

Yes, it’s disturbing to see just how badly this portion of the city has fallen, and much of the area looks semi-rural due to abandonment, which is what the neighborhood was for much of its history.

What remains is just as beautiful of any area of the city west of Kingshighway, but just a little rough around the edges.

I hope to get back soon and explore this varied and interesting area more.

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