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  1. Justin says:

    You second picture down features four family buildings that look exactly like almost every building on my block in the Demun neighborhood. This seems to have been template for apartment buildings around the city and inner suburbs

    Surprising that most of these buildings are abandoned because many of them look like they’re in very good condition.

    Any evidence that some people might decide to move into this neighborhood? Now that the area is mostly abandoned there probably is much crime. However, Plenty of neighborhoods are like this in the city and nobody seems to move back in.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Yes, I suspect that many of these have not been abandoned for long–proof that abandonment is an ongoing, acute problem, not a historic event that happened long ago. It seems to be a chicken and egg situation: people don’t move in because there’s no one around, and vice versa.

      1. Justin says:

        Makes sense. I wouldn’t want to move into a neighborhood that feels like a ghost town.

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