West Cabanne Place

Update: See some historic photos of West Cabanne Place in this post. The Theodore Link Residence, the first house in this post, has been purchased by new owners after being in legal limbo for years, and has been renovated.

I had the pleasure of finally seeing West Cabanne Place two weekends ago. It is truly spectacular in its sense of neighborhood cohesion; people actively checked out what we were doing on their block instead of being apathetic. Likewise, the neighborhood president greeted us when we walked by; we struck up a conversation about the street. We need more streets citizens care about.

Update: April of 2019, with new commentary, extensive new photographs from the vaults.

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  1. Jennifer Mehler says:

    In the 1970’s I lived in the Binnington house on Cabanne Place for a year with other people from Grace and Peace Fellowship. I remember that everyone owned their property to the center of the street. Behind the house I lived in was a carriage house with a small apartment above it. While the neighborhood around us had gone downhill, Cabanne Place was till really beautiful.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Wow, those are great memories! Do you have any photos from those days?

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