Wright Building, Revisited Again

Update: Pyramid Companies went bankrupt, but the buildings renovation by a new company was completed in September 2015.

I debated having a separate tag for the Wright Building, the older rump of the combined Arcade-Wright Building, but I decided against it. It’s a beautiful building, but its fate and character are intrinsically linked to its newer, and encompassing neighbor, the Arcade Building.

It’s a simple building, with strong vertical lines cutting through the horizontal lines of the window lintels, showing the influence of Louis Sullivan. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, the floors do not match up between the two buildings.

But at the bottom, there is some interesting ornamentation, close to where people on the streets could see it. The cornice was removed, but the stone is still sitting up on top of the roof if I remember correctly; it will be replaced when the building is renovated.

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