Central High School

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Update: I changed the name of the high school to Central, from its earlier Yeatman out of recognition that the building was primarily known for most of its history by that name. Compare to Cleveland, Roosevelt and McKinley high schools. See the exterior from August of 2016, the interior from September of 2016, and the exterior from 2017. The school had deteriorated further when I checked up on it in August of 2022.

It’s darn near impossible to get onto the street in front of Yeatman High School, known to many as the former Central High School, despite its location being far into the North Side. Due to the labyrinth of blocked-off and one-way streets, you have to drive around in circles to get to the front.

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Even in its vandalized and vacant state, it shows the influence of predecessors in England, many of which I saw on my recent travels to that country and Scotland. It is a shame that it sits empty. See the deterioration by looking at these older photos at Built St. Louis and comparing them to the last week of February.

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  1. samizdat says:

    Mmmmmm…Flemish bond *drooool*

    Looks to be somewhat modified.

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