Zoar German Methodist Church and Cemetery

Down a little road is the Zoar German Methodist Church, a remnant of a time when there were little houses of worship scattered throughout the countryside.

The church seems to be closed, but a non-profit association has sprung up to operate the cemetery.

It is a small, simple Romanesque Revival church that is in good condition.

The cemetery stretches up a gradually rising hill behind the church. There are still active burials happening in the grounds.

There are a wide range of dates of the gravestones, with a variety of styles.

One of the two roads to the church is over a low water bridge, which was covered with water due to snow melt.

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  1. Suzanne Heise Cheeseman says:

    I believe this church was built by my great grandfather’s family. My great grandfather’s name was Edward Lewis (Louis) Schaper. There should be a number Schapers buried in the cemetery there. They used to hold “family reunions” at the Zoar Methodist Church. I have some newspaper clippings with photos of the reunions in the 1990’s. My Aunt Carolyn Kuechenmeister attended many Schaper reunions there through the years.
    Is it possible to see photos of the Schaper family headstones, especially Edward Lewis/Louis Schaper, online or something?

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Hello! Yes, you can see who is buried in the cemetery at Findagrave.com. I found the page for Zoar here:

  2. Michelle Irminger says:

    What is the address to this location?

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