Folsom Avenue, McRee Town


McRee Town and Elsewhere 154

The eclectic nature of the area’s architecture continues on the northern end of the residential area.

McRee Town and Elsewhere 155

There was a Jewish population in the neighborhood for a while, as this former synagogue attests.

McRee Town and Elsewhere 156

Folsom Avenue is dominated by the gigantic Liggett-Meyers Tobacco Factory, which is gigantic, to be blunt.  It stretches the entire length of the neighborhood.

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  1. samizdat

    04/05/2014, 11:47 am

    What’s even more amazing about the size of the Ligget-Meyers plant is that there used to be another block-long building along Folsom. You can still see the foundation, including the street-level windows in the foundation walls, along Folsom. There is even a band of red terra cotta blocks atop the foundation. I suspect there may have been one or two other largish buildings in the complex, too.

    • Chris Naffziger

      04/06/2014, 06:57 pm

      Indeed, I saw those foundations and forgot to mention them. I suspect they were part of the factory.


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